If you want to get involved in forex scalping, you will want to look around for a profitable expert advisor that is designed for scalping strategies on the currency trading markets. One example of a scalping EA is FAP Turbo, which offers a scalping option along with a longer term trading option. This is probably the best known EA on the market right now since it has had some quite stunning results.

Forex scalping is a very quick way of making money in the foreign currency trading markets. You nip in and out, grabbing a small profit each time. It is vital not to leave each trade open too long or try for too much profit, because you are usually trading on breakout and retracement movements that will soon reverse. You have to grab your profit while you can, before the market turns around.

A robot is the ideal way to do this because it can be hard to act at exactly the right moment when you are entering and closing your own trades. A few seconds can make all the difference with scalping strategies. A visit to the bathroom or a break to grab a coffee can see you missing a trading opportunity or, worse, missing the right moment to close a trade.

Scalping also solves one of the problems that some people encounter when they start trading with a robot, that is, the fact that when you are dealing with longer term trades you have to leave your computer on and connected to the internet 24 hours a day. This is fine if you have a dedicated computer at home and a reliable broadband connection, but if you share the computer with your spouse, roommate or (worst of all) kids, it is very likely that somebody someday will accidentally shut it down. On top of that, some people have ISPs that automatically cut an internet connection that is idle more than a certain length of time.

With a forex robot in scalping mode, the trades only last for a short time so it would be possible to have the robot live only when you are around the computer yourself. You could simply wait for it to close a trade, and then shut down. Of course you will miss some opportunities this way but anything is better than having your funds wiped out because the connection broke at the wrong moment.

Be aware that it can be difficult to find a broker who will be happy for you to use scalping strategies, especially automated with a profitable expert advisor. Brokers have a problem with this for two reasons. First, they may not be putting your trade into the market but matching it themselves. In this situation they don’t really want you making regular profits at all. It is best to avoid that kind of broker if you plan on being a successful forex trader.

Second, even regular brokers who do have your order matched in the market are likely to experience some delay. This can be just a few seconds but the price may change in this time. If they pass this on to you so that you do not necessarily get the price that you clicked on, that is fine for them but it may mess up what would have been a profitable trade for you. On the other hand, if they guarantee your price and then take the risk of slippage themselves, they are not likely to be happy with you using scalping which does not always give them time to make up the slippage.

So it is worth looking for a broker that will accept the forex scalping strategies of FAP Turbo or whichever other profitable expert advisor you plan to use.

Our top recommendation for a profitable expert advisor is FAP Turbo which has been getting great results for ordinary users and in the independent tests that we have seen online. Check out our FAP Turbo review.

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