Metatrader expert advisors or EAs are forex robots such as the top selling FAP Turbo that work on the free downloadable software platform called Metatrader 4. MT4 basically acts as a platform or framework that trading robots can be built on. That’s why, when you buy a trading robot, you usually have to download Metatrader 4 and install it on your computer before you can set up the robot or expert advisor itself.

Automated trading systems such as expert advisors will act for you in the market, making trades according to their own system with regard to the settings that you put in. This has a lot of advantages if the system is profitable. Your Metatrader EA will not need to sleep, eat, visit the bathroom or have a social life. Provided you can make sure it is always online, it will watch the markets 24 hours and should never miss the right moment for opening or closing a trade.

Robots also have perfect discipline and never feel any emotion. This means that they will not be tempted to make trades that are outside the rules of your trading plan because of fear, greed or over optimism. They do not have hunches that tell them to buck the trend in some disastrous way.

It is easy to set trailing stops in MT4 and this can help to maximize your profits. The trailing stop will automatically move to follow the price when things are going your way, and stop if the market turns. This means that on a successful trade you can play it out to the maximum while guaranteeing profits at a certain level. If things go against you from the outset, of course the stop does not move but is triggered to minimize your loss.

Of course this relies on the Metatrader expert advisors being constantly in touch with the market, like other aspects of the robot’s trading. It runs on your own computer and connects with your broker’s software platform over the internet. So this means your computer needs to be on 24 hours, except at the weekend when the market is closed, unless you exit all of your trades before the end of your working day.

Many computers automatically shut down when they are left idle for an hour or more, so you will need to make sure that you can alter that setting. In Windows Vista you can change the plan settings in Power Options in the Control Panel. You also have to think about whether anybody else who uses the computer is likely to shut it down after they finish using it. Most traders prefer to have a dedicated computer that nobody else will use, but this is not always possible.

A better option to make the most of your Metatrader EA is to have it hosted remotely. Sometimes the developer of the robot will offer you this option and it is often worth taking. They will then set it up on a server so that it does not run on your computer. This also has the advantage that you can access your Metatrader expert advisors from any computer if you need to go in and change settings.

Our top recommendation for a Metatrader EA is FAP Turbo which has been getting great results for ordinary users and in the independent tests that we have seen online.


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