Making money in the with forex market trading is not nearly as easy as it should theoretically be. The fact is that there are a lot of good systems and profiting from them is actually very simple. Yet it is obviously not easy to put these simple systems into practice, because 99% of new traders entering the market just lose money.

One of the biggest mistakes that traders make, even those with some experience, is that they dream. They are just like lotto gamblers, they spend their time fantasizing about the perfect trade that will bring them hundreds of pips. These fantasies are fueled by other traders who boast about such successes on blogs and forums, which make it hard to let go of the dream.

Of course such trades do happen … but not to those who spend their time dreaming instead of getting some solid focused forex trading education. All that happens to them is that they feed their hard earned cash into the currency trading markets where it is lost, going into the pockets of the banks or successful private traders who took the time to learn their business.

It is vital to understand your own abilities, neither underestimating or overestimating them. This is hard when you start out, because it takes a while before you realize how much there is to learn. It is not so much a question of theoretical knowledge which you can pick up quickly from a few books. It is the practical experience that gives you a ‘feeling’ for the forex market.

While a successful trader always follows a plan rather than his own feelings, that kind of experience can help you spot emerging trends and market patterns that signal a trade for your system. More importantly, it will mean that you know when conditions are wrong and you should just switch off and do something else with your day, rather than sitting there trying to find an opportunity to trade until frustration leads you into something reckless.

This is one reason why it is important to have support from more experienced traders. A mentor is ideal but when you are starting out, it can be hard to find one. If you are not in the fortunate position of having a friend or family member who is a successful trader, you are unlikely to find anybody who is willing to spend a lot of time on you when they could be using that time to make money with forex.

The best way is probably to visit forex forums and show that you are seriously trying to learn, rather than hoping to make thousands of dollars overnight like most of the other newbies. That way, you may make some useful contacts.

You can also look for technical help. It is possible to cut corners and start trading for real much faster if you have a good automated forex system such as one of the top expert advisor software programs. They are not expensive and most of them come with a money back guarantee so you can try them in demo and if they don’t work, trade them in. Be sure to give them a good run in demo mode and take time to understand the settings, however. You must give them a chance if you want to find one or two that will consistently make money for you.

Of course forex trading is risky however you do it, but good software can certainly help a beginner to start making money with forex market trading.

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