There are so many types of FX trading system out there, that it can be hard to know where to start with actually making money. It seems that every trader has his or her own favorite system. This can be very confusing until you realize that there are a lot of different ways of making money with currency trading and there is no one perfect system that suits everybody.

In fact, making money from the forex market is often more about the trader than the forex trading systems that he uses. How you handle the various situations that can arise is key. This includes handling success and losses, stress and risk. However, there are certain tips that just about anybody can profitably follow.

First, be sure that you are following trends and not trying to second guess when there might be a reversal. Identifying an emerging trend is just about always easier than spotting when it is about to turn. We are talking here of course about real trends, not minor fluctuations where the price can bounce back and forward. For new traders especially, it is best to take seriously the well worn phrase ‘the trend is your best friend’.

Second, have clear profit goals for each trade. Before you open a trade, you should also know when you will close it. Most people are familiar with this in terms of setting a stop loss if the trade goes against you, but what if it is successful? Have you decided when to close out with a profit or are you relying on ‘seeing how it goes’?

Making a decision based on feelings does not form part of any profitable FX trading system. It is vital to stay cool, and this becomes almost impossible if you are constantly watching the market, hesitating over whether now is the exact best moment to close your trade. Most people will either wait too long and see most of their profits disappear in a reversal, or panic and close too early. So be sure that you are clear about this before you start.

The third vital strategy for successful forex traders is risk management. This is crucial to your success. So many traders start out well and then crash because they are risking too much on each trade. Usually they do it because they want to make money fast, and it is true that for a short time you can make big profits this way. But almost certainly, sooner or later you will bust your bank. This finishes many new traders.

How much you risk depends on your strategy and what you have in terms of backup funds, but a good guideline is around 2% of your balance. You could make it a little higher at first if you are willing to take a bigger risk for the sake of kick starting your trading, but be aware that this may backfire on you, and in any case, never risk more than 5% per trade.

Make the most of your profits by good management of your funds. For example, as soon as your fund has doubled you could withdraw half and set it aside. Now you are trading with your profits only, and you have your original balance as a backup if you need it.

Any FX trading system will go through good and bad patches. You must be prepared for both if you plan to survive as a forex trader.

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