If you want to make money from currency trading you will need to give some attention to your forex trading training. While everybody would love to be able to get online and start profiting right away, it is important to understand at least the basics of what makes the forex market work, before you can expect to profit from it. Just like with anything else, it behaves in certain ways that you need to be able to predict.

So what is it that is at the root of all the swings, trends, downturns and upturns that forex traders make money from? The answer is the fundamental factors of the global economy such as Gross Domestic Product, interest rates, trade deficits etc. A release of information about any of these can cause a sudden swing, a reversal or in some cases a major trend.

There are two ways that a forex trader can use fundamental indicators. The first is, of course, to trade on the information that is given. You might do this if you had cause to believe that the economy of a certain country was likely to be experiencing an upturn or downturn that was serious enough to cause an upward or downward trend in that country’s currency price.

Of course, any announcement of economic or financial news usually has implications for currency values but often these are shortlived and unpredictable, unless you have inside information on what will be announced. Most private traders would not try to profit from these announcements but on the contrary would exit any open trades before an announcement was made to avoid the danger of a sudden price movement in the wrong direction.

However, if you have an interest in economics you may feel that you can develop a clear idea of when a trend is forming in a particular country that might have longer term implications for currency prices. In this situation you would have a much better chance of making a profitable trade on the basis of the fundamental indicators.

Another way to profit from fundamental factors is to analyze the behavior of currency prices historically and base a trade around that. This means that after a major announcement or world event you could look at what happened to currency prices the last few times that there was a similar event and take a position on whether the same trends in the forex market are likely to recur this time around.

However, many forex traders prefer to stay out of the market completely when major announcements and financial reports are due. This is certainly wise for beginners and can be very useful for your forex trading training.

So depending on your experience and interests, you want to get behind fundamental indicators to try to profit from them, or be sure to close your trades ahead of any major reports. Either way you will need to keep a calendar note of when such reports are due, not only in your own country but in all of the countries whose currencies you regularly trade.

The internet is the best medium for finding out about international economic announcements. Many brokers provide this information or you can sign up to a financial news service. Be sure to cover this in one way or another. It is an important part of your forex trading training.

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