This FAP Turbo review looks at the expert advisor that burst onto the market late in 2008 and has been taking the forex scene by storm.

Is it really as good as the sales page makes out?

Here are the good and bad points of FAP Turbo in our opinion.


User Results And Feedback

The results that the product developers claim on the sales page are amazing of course, but what happens when you get it home? How does it actually perform for people like you?

FAP Turbo does pretty well here. It beats most of the other automated systems on the market. Like all robots it has its bad moments when the market does not behave in the way it is set up to expect, and (again like all robots) some people just have a bad time with it for one reason or another, often because they lose interest while trying to set it up.

Do not expect to double your money in a week. The risk you would have to take to do that would be huge. If you discount complete beginners who were hoping to become rich overnight, the unbiased feedback in the forums is generally positive. Most people are reporting around 10% to 30% profit per month which is a good steady result.

You can choose either scalping/day trading or longer term trading settings. Be prepared for the occasional large loss among many smaller gains and do not let this unsettle you. It is part of the process.

Results from different currency pairs can vary widely. We suggest you start with EUR/CHF.

We spotted some users who were so happy with their results that they have bought up to 5 licenses to use on different accounts!

Level Of Experience

For beginners, there is quite a bit to understand. Do not try to cut corners and rush the setup. The video tutorials are great and if you work your way through all of the points as shown in the videos you should be fine.

Most of the negative feedback comes from beginners who either could not figure out the set up or tried it with real money before they knew what they were doing. So get it running on a demo account to begin, and be prepared to tweak your settings. Patience will be rewarded.

Technical Requirements

FAP Turbo will run on most modern PCs with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. A high speed (broadband) internet connection is essential.

You will need to leave the PC on and connected to the internet any time that you want it to trade for you, unless you have the the software hosted on a remote server. This is offered by the developers as an upgrade and if you want to trade seriously with it, it may be worth taking up when you are ready to trade for real.


You will need a broker that will accept robots and the Metatrader 4 platform. FAP Turbo recommend one in the manual but shop around for good spreads. Alpari seems to have high recommendations from FAP Turbo users.

Support And Guarantee

You have the right to claim a refund any time up to 8 weeks from purchase if not satisfied. Note that the software is sold by Clickbank who have a great reputation for their no questions guarantees. The developers’ support is there for technical questions so it is best to seek a solution with them first. Clickbank will refund you, but don’t give up without giving it a fair trial.

Summary: A Top Grade Robot, 5 stars

This is definitely one of the best and most flexible forex robots available to us today. If you understand that the forex market is really about making steady profits, not million dollar trades, you are likely to be very satisfied with FAP Turbo. So the final advice in our FAP Turbo review is to give it a try.
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