Whether you are in the forex market as a broker, a professional trader or a complete beginner, you probably know the importance of good currency trading platforms. Finding the best one for your purposes is not always easy. Here are some tips to follow.

Broker Currency Trading Platforms

Brokers need a solution that is reliable and flexible so that they can adapt it to their particular business. Above all, they want it to be user friendly so that it is easy for their clients to use while providing all the information that clients want at their fingertips.

Most brokers either use custom built software or adapt something that is available out of the box. Custom platforms may seem like the ideal solution for a broker but they are expensive and take a long time. Even if you have delivery of your software, you can be waiting a long time for all of the bugs to be ironed out.

Pre designed forex trading platform packages have several advantages. First, you can be pretty sure they work so you are starting with a system instead of starting from scratch. A huge amount of time can be saved by your programmer, who will just have to change things around so that it does what you want.

Do not neglect the customization, however. It is important that broker trading software is branded to your own company and has a different feel for users than other companies’ platforms that they may have used before.

Trader Currency Trading Platforms

Traders will usually go with whatever interface their broker provides, but they will be looking for something that is easy to use and provides plenty of technical analysis. The software is often a very important factor in the choice of a broker.

Again, reliability is vital. You do not want to be linked up to a platform that makes errors or is frequently offline. Security is another factor. It is important that your funds are protected and your account cannot be accessed by hackers.

If you are using an automated forex system to trade for you on autopilot, it is essential to check that your selected broker’s software will work seamlessly with your robot. If you buy a premade robot or forex expert advisor you will usually receive a list of compatible brokers.

Many successful traders now have someone automate their system so that they can switch over to autopilot trading without changing their trading style. The platform of choice for most robots is Metatrader 4. This is free software on which your programmer can build a trading system for you. It is the most popular forex trading platform for the expert advisors that are sold on the open market and it is compatible with many broker currency trading platforms.

Our top recommendation for a Metatrader expert advisor is FAP Turbo which has been getting great results for ordinary users and in the independent tests that we have seen online.


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