There are many forex systems out there. You could probably find hundreds or even thousands on the internet and in books. So how do you pick out the best forex systems, or even find one good one?

This is one of the most important questions when you start out as a forex trader. Anyone will tell you that psychological factors are vital in making a successful trader and it is true that it is very important to have discipline and the ability to apply your system consistently. But you must have a system that is capable of returning a profit in the first place.

Now you probably do not want to spend years in demo accounts trying to reinvent the wheel and design your own new system from scratch. So given all of this variety of forex systems set out in currency trading books, ebooks and video courses available online, how can you find a reliable system that will have a good chance of making you money?

One factor that you should look at when you are considering different currency trading systems is the success rate of the trades. Usually the publicity will tell you this, or you can ask.

Theoretically a system with a low success rate could be just as profitable, depending on the amount of money gained and lost on the trades. However, a high success rate is important for two reasons. One is that this is a good sign that the system works well in most market conditions. No system has a 100% success rate but something over 80% is achievable. If you put this into practice consistently, and perhaps avoid the very worst market conditions such as a choppy market, you should have a good chance of getting a profitable result.

The second reason that most traders work better with a high success rate is that it increases our confidence in the system. This helps us to keep motivated to apply the system consistently.

For the same reason, it is important to make sure that the system will give you enough trading opportunities to keep you satisfied that you are trading actively. That may sound crazy but if you only have one trade a week you will start looking around for other possibilities and probably take chances with your trading that will lead to losses.

Plus of course you need to be sure that it will only involve you in a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

The best forex systems are usually provided by someone who is a professional trader and using the system to make money themselves, so look out for information about the person’s trading experience, and check that they will offer support if you have questions.

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