Let’s get straight to the meat with three currency trading tips that can help you increase your forex trading profits.

1. Avoid over trading

Many of the most profitable systems only produce a few trading signals. It can be frustrating waiting for the conditions to be right for your system. Many people give in to the temptation to open a few trades when the market is ‘almost right’. People who enjoy financial trading are almost always comfortable with risk. However this haphazard risk taking strategy will almost certainly lead to losses in the long run.

There is a reason why the rules of your system are as they are. The aim is to make money – but you can probably only to that consistently by keeping within the set boundaries.

Remember that in forex trading, less is often more. There is no point opening ten trades a day if only one of them is going to be profitable.

If you simply cannot deal with the boredom of a system that produces a very low number of trading opportunities, then look for a second system that you can track at the same time.

2. Be realistic in your goals

The second of our currency trading tips is to keep your head out of the clouds. One of the things that can ruin an otherwise sound trader is aiming for unrealistically high profit targets, like double your money in a month or whatever. Often this is called greed, but that’s too harsh a term for most situations. What actually happens in many cases is that people see ads about how somebody made tons of money with some system, and they start daydreaming. They are constantly thinking about making a lot of money from a single trade.

Actions soon follow thoughts and they start using high risk strategies that seem to give them a chance of achieving the dream. Instead, they often end up wiping out their funds. Looking back, it was completely predictable, but they were pulled off course by persistent thoughts of riches.

So if you catch yourself daydreaming, cut off that thought right away. Focus on making a realistic profit figure – and no more. If you happen to make a lot more one time, put it aside and tell yourself that it’s there to cover the losing spell that may soon follow. Do not start expecting to make that much on every trade!

3. Take a step back

As well as checking your trading signals on daily, hourly and/or minute charts, it can be very helpful to take a broader retrospective view. Look back over the last week’s or month’s charts regularly.

This will stop you becoming blinkered so that you can more clearly see what went right or wrong for you and why. It may give you ideas that will help you tweak your system or even find a new one. Most importantly, it will help you to refine and improve your forex trading strategies for success.

Do you have your own currency trading tips that you want to share? Please leave a comment.

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